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The Forum is the replacement for the former Dundee Bus groups at Domeus (blurrgh!) and Y*hooGro*ps (pass the sick bag...)

To see the forum, click here. (please note, most of it is not viewable by guests!)

The forum is operated by Suzy Scott using SMF (Simple Machines Forum), hosted on a Linux Red Hat box operated by Evohosting. This basically means I have control over almost everything, which means I don't have to resort to others to assist with things like password resets etc.

Frequently Asked Questions - Group Rules

For those of you who have not used SMF before, I have compiled some help files. 

Click here for a walkthrough on how to join the new group.
Click here for a walkthrough on how to use the new group.

If you want to join the forum, first read the rules. After you have done so, please send an email to dundee@scotbus.com with the following information...

1. Your Name
2. Your email address. (You can make this private on the group if you wish, but the moderators need to see who you are!)
3. Your profile sign in name, if you already clicked "register" on the forum.
4. Confirmation you've read the rules.
5. Age and brief description of who you are (for my information only).
6. Location of a profile to show your details. If you are not already personally known to me, please send me details of your profile on Yahoo (i.e. http://profiles.yahoo.com/your_profile_name_goes_here), MSN, AOL, ICQ, or UK Angels. :-)

Any problems with these processes? Contact the Administrator online by sending a private message (in the forum) to "Suzy Scott". If you cannot get online, send an email to dundee@scotbus.com, YIM to "suzyscott_dd1" or MSN to "yah@scotbus.com" (all these are without the quote marks).
Please include as much information about the problem you are having. Screen grabs are welcome, but no bitmaps please! Please include your operating system (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux etc.), browser (IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera etc.) and details of any firewall or anti-virus software running on your machine.

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